Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week One Assignment

Week one of our class was an interesting week. We had to meet on WizIQ for our class meeting. This was the first time I ever had to sign on to these types of things. The first time signing on I was overwhelmed. I was nervous and frustrated because it wasnt working properly and I was also getting nervous that maybe this class wasn't going to work out well for me after all. As the class continued, we learned how to create a googledoc PPT and we also had to share the links for our all about me presentations. It was awesome to get the feedback from individuals that are working just as hard as you are. All the hard work paid off for that assignment and I feel that it turned out wonderful. I learned how to use new and different types of programs and that was amazing. I can't wait to continue to broaden my horizons.

Till next time ~ Ms. L

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to the Digital World!

Hello everyone! So this is my first blog I have ever created and I am slowly learning how it all works.  I am taking a class on Literacy and Techonology and this is one of the tasks for the semester. Each week I will be adding a post about what I learned that week and my reactions and thoughts about the lessons. I'm looking forward to a great semester and I hope that you all enjoy this journey with me. That's it for now! I'll see you around here again real soon xoxo - Ms. L