Monday, February 17, 2014

smartboard lesson

Apparently my lesson for smart board is not adding correctly to my blog so I am adding it on here again as a webpage. I hope that you can see all the information on it this time . Ms. L 

smartboard lesson long and short /e/

Once the link opens make sure you download it so you can see the lesson. Enjoy :-)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SmartBoards are not your everyday whiteboards

        The other night, I went to a Professional Development for Smartboard Training for advanced learners. Basically, it taught us how to use the different functions that were available through Smartboard. I learned many fun tools and I actually was able to share them with a teacher I was subbing for the next day. I was helping her with ten-frame math for her 2nd graders and she absolutely LOVED IT!! I was so surprised that she enjoyed it so much as she is a young teacher herself but she never knew how to add pictures from the galleries and all that other fun stuff. It was a great feeling to know that my learning at MSMC is not just for my educational studies. I was able to help another colleague out with her lesson as well as explore the opportunities for myself. It was a great feeling to know that I was able to do it! Also reading and watching the videos from class, I found a few more things out that I would love to incorporate into my own classroom in the future. Since so many schools are technology based, I would like to implement the Extreme Collaboration add-on that is offered with Smartboard. This add-on allows the classroom iPads or cellphones to connect to the Smartboard. This kind of tool allows for the collaboration that is needed in classrooms but connects with the technology usage of the New Digital Native learning styles. Below is a YouTube video to show exactly how you can use the Extreme Collaboration within your classroom.


Here are a few other SmartBoard tricks and tips that are helpful when you are using it for lessons in your classroom followed by some articles that might be useful to incorporate all the neat things Smartboards can do.

       Smartboard Integration in the classroom

This week, since we learned about Smartboards, part of the requirement was to create a literacy activity for the Smartboard. Since I was subbing in a Special Education class for 1st graders, I was speaking to the teacher about creating lessons for my technology class. She said they always need activities for literacy things so if I can think of anything fun she would love to use it in her class since the students love learning from the Smartboard. I decided to create a lesson using Long /e/ and Short /e/. I included my own audio as well as a simple video from youtube and a sorting game and a writing template for them to practice writing the words as well.I feel that this type of activity s very repetitive which is good for Special Education students. It teaches the same concept of what I am trying to have them learn but also allows them to explore the same task many different ways. I would incorporate these kinds of lessons into my classroom for many different things. It is awesome for literacy but also for test review. I can set up a jeopardy game and have the students use it to review. I also like the idea that I can make this independent practice once I have gone over with them. I can use this same lesson idea for all the vowels and then allow students to review using these lessons on their own during free choice time. It keeps the students who need to move around busy but also learning at the same time.  I can't wait for the holiday break to be over so I can share my lesson with the students and see how well they do with it. I will write another post later on with my findings from the lesson.  Below is my lesson for your viewing:

Smartboard lesson on Long/e/ and Short /e/

Until next time ~

Ms. L

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Digital Learners... where do you stand??

Week 2, we were to create a digital learner based on the readings that we have read. Some of the articles that we read seemed to repeat the same basic information overall. It is obvious that our world continues to change and the way we grew up is no longer. We are considered the Digital Immigrants to the teenage generation. I have a sister who is 8 years younger than me and the difference in her technology skills compared to mine are tremendous! She is part of the digital native generation. They were born into the world where technology was normal and not a new trend or fad. My nephew who is 7 months old is fascinated with the remote controls at such a young age. Almost all of the toys I remember back in the day, are now remade with technology added in. An example would be with the game of Life. When we use to play when I was young, we used pretend dollars to pay for things because that was how life really was. Now in todays generation, the game of life is played with credit cards! Monopoly also plays with debit cards or visa cards. Children today think they can just swipe a card to get things not realizing that they need money in an account to be able to AFFORD to swipe that card! Times have changed and this causes our society to change as well. This week we created a digital learner picture to represent the net generation. This kind of picture was fun because it put things that I use or students use in their everyday lives. Until I saw everything laid out on paper, I never realized how much technology has really taken over our world. Every week, I learn more about technology and all the sites available for me to not only use for personal things but also to incorporate things into my classroom. I am hoping this class gets easier in time and I also can learn more from it as the semester continues. Till next time - Ms. L xoxo