Thursday, May 8, 2014

Education, Blogging and Podcasting OH MY!!

This week's lesson was on blogging and podcasting in Education. Before this class I had heard of Blogs but never knew I was interacting with them every day. I use to read quotes online and the sites that I read them from were actually blogs now that I look back. So here I was thinking I knew what they were when in reality they were right under my nose and I hadn't the slightest idea. However, after taking this class, I truly understand the purpose of blogs and how they are made. We created our own blog for the semester and I must say I am enjoying writing my thoughts and feelings down which I have never done before. I like the idea of free writes like poems and such rather than all informational things, but everyone has their own purpose of a blog. After watching the video Blogs in plain english, it became very clear how important these blogs are. It gives everyone an audience and a purpose to write. For examples, a mother could have a blog about the life of Motherhood. Sharing stories of her children, helpful hints about potty training, juggling life, and still having time to have free for yourself.  Blogs allow anyone to become an author on their own and it allows for interactive learning through comments between readers and author. Here is a project that I created during the semester about Blogs using a site called SMORE. 

Blogs, Blogs, Read All About It! 

We also learned about Podcasting. Podcasting combines the freedom of blogging with digital audio technology to create an almost endless supply of content.  Podcasting is free and allows internet users to pull audio files off of the podcasting website to listen on their personal media players or computers. The term podcast is derived from iPod and broadcasting. Here is a site of 50 Educational podcasts you should check out:

Educational Podcasts for you to Check Out

Here is a video  on podcasting in the classroom. 

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