Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MM3 learning on WizIQ

Moodle MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is taking place and it was part of the course to attend at least one of the sessions this month. I attended a session on Monday February 17, 2014 since there was a holiday and I was not at work. First thing, is it is hard to attend the meeting times that they are presenting them sometimes. They are during the workday so the ones that I really would have been interested in seeing, I was not able to see. I was going to try to see the one this past Saturday but I was moving out of my place so unfortunately the times conflicted and I could not make it. In return, I made it to a session this morning to make up for the one class I missed. The class was a 9 AM and was on Quizzes on Moodle with Wiris presented by Ramon Eixarch. It was cool to see how you can create quizzes and tools online for students to interact with. It had a lot of interesting things on it but I felt that the lesson was geared towards older grades mainly. I actually asked him during the conference is this is useful to Elementary Teachers and he basically replied that it was not geared for that level yet but they will try to keep that in mind as they change things later on. I also felt that it was very hard to understand him at certain points. He used screen sharing that was interesting to see what he was showing us but like i said it was out of our elementary level originally so I almost felt left out even though I was completely involved with the presentation. If this was modified and was able to be used for the Elementary level, it truly had some great qualities. Wiris was the program that was used and it is free. It integrates with Moodle and allow the teachers to edit the formulas and problems. The active quizzes helps students self evaluate. They can be asked True/False Questions, Multiple Choice, Matching, Short Answers, as well as Essay formations. When students get the correct answers, there is a small green check mark that appears to allow the student to know that the answer is correct! 

Overall, the session was informative. Even though it wasn't necessarily geared towards me, it was still interesting to see. I learned new things and I will be interested to see if later on down the road there are other programs like this but for the Primary grades.  

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