Thursday, May 8, 2014

OH NO 2.0!!

Web 2.0 is how todays students are learning. WEB 2.0 tools allow students to have access to more up-to-date ways of accomplishing tasks such as creating, evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding, and remembering. Web 2.0 tools are also what students are more engaged in to complete the tasks at hand rather than old ways such as writing an essay, creating a poster, etc. 

During our group work this week we focused on social medias and what they consisted of. Our group, Technical Knockouts created a google doc of Social Medias that allow online bookmarking as well as collaboration.   Here is the link to our Web 2.0 assignment. 


We live in a global, knowledge-based economy. According to the Common Core State Standards, students must master vital 21st century skills so they will be college and career ready 

Students must be able to -
• Communicate effectively,
• Collaborate with others,
• Think creatively and critically and,
• Gather, analyze, and synthesize information.
Technology, media literacy skills, and technical skills are integrated throughout the Common Core State Standards. Many Web 2.0 tools support these standards.

There are many websites that teachers can use both in and out of the classroom. One of my favorite sites to use personally is Pinterest. The idea of creating boards around a common theme allows for many creative expressions to take place. Below are a few websites that describe more about Web 2.0 tools that can be used both in and out of the classrooms

           Support Lesson Planning
            Know About

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