Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh Sweet website of mine!

This week we learned all about developing a personal Professional website. I have worked with websites in the past for a teaching position I held. I was to create a photo album weekly and write posts for parents to keep updated on what we were doing in the classrooms. I found it amazing how easy it was to keep everyone connected all in one space. Everything was linked to my email accounts and the school number where parents could reach me. There was always a line of communication open at all times and I felt that was important as an educator.  While I worked on my website I decided to take a few snapshots to show how I created mine.

First page is the home page. I kept the image of the children because I am a teacher. Children are my life and without them I would not have a job or a career. When I have my own classroom I would have actual pictures of my students on the webpage for parents to see what a day in the life of a student in whatever grade they are.

The next picture is the view of the webpage as a mobile view. I never thought about having the website on the mobile devices but with todays society the mobile devices are used more than the computers.

The following pages are ones that explain my favorite technology sites that I have used this semester. I would use these sites in my classroom and I would alter the web pages to display student work that is completed by using those websites. I think it is important for student work to be displayed so they are using a real audience: their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

The last two pictures that I took have the professional organizations that I am involved in. If this was used for my classroom, I would have the links to different events or groups like chorus and band that students are involved in. I would put any important links in the same category that they correspond with. I also have all the projects that I completed with the course for the semester. I would have the students upload their papers to a wiki for them to read and add their work to as the assignments are completed. 

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