Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh Wiki You're so Fine

 As I read and examined the articles, I originally had no idea why they were referring to Wikipedia as part of the wikis. As a digital Immigrant, I did not realize that Wikipedia was a wiki-based encyclopedia.  A wiki is a website that allows everyone to participate in the creation of the site. You can create or edit anything that is on the sites contents. Wikis are continuously under revisions as things are always changing and modifying within the world. The worlds largest and most famous wiki is Wikipedia, which is a collaboration of contributors and editors from online. Anyone can use a wiki and they are very simple to use. People use them for collaborations on projects, while educators like us, would use them to conduct or follow up on courses or developments. It can also be used as a way of communication with parents who have Internet access.  Wikis and blogs may seem similar but they are very different. Blogs are where people “post” and “comment” on each others things. However, unlike the wiki, only the author of that post or comment can edit it. A wiki allows anyone the ability to change and modify the information that is posted or modified.
Here is a video that explains Wikis in plain English:

            What are the benefits from using a wiki within your school or classroom?  Some of the benefits include :
  • Connections that students make between new knowledge and old knowledge.
  • Allows for creativity and allows students to accept the idea of others being able to edit your work.  By teaching this skill, it allows for more collaboration and group projects rather than just individual ones to take place. 
  • It emphasizes the ideas that creativity pieces are never truly complete. There is always more to add or edit as time goes on.
  • Increases involvement and allows everyone to take an active role rather than “wait for their turn” mentality.
  • Develops teamwork skills that help them not only in schools but in life as a whole.
  • Improves and works with the writing process on an everyday basis in a more interactive and fun way for students. The revision phase that most students have a hard time with especially.

Now that we discussed what a wiki was and what the benefits could be, there was another term that was tossed around a lot within the articles as a whole.  The  term is Wikibookian. A wikibookian is a user of the wikibooks project. Not being too sure of the whole wiki thing in the first place, I was curious how one became a wikibookian and to my surprise anyone can become one. Everyone has a voice and can state their opinions on a topic as long as it is backed up with research. One of the articles did research based on wikibookians and their statuses. They figured out who they were in terms of age, gender, backgrounds etc.  There were many graphs and charts to show us what population makes up majority of the wikibookian community. Here are a few examples: (click on the facts to see the corresponding charts)
Here is a site that has Educational Wikis for use in the classroom. 

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  1. Hi Jenieve:

    I really enjoyed your post about Wikis. I, too, did not know all there was to know about Wiki's. The video is great and really helped me to understand them better. You're not the only Digital Immigrant out there. I could definitely see utilizing Wikis in the classroom as a collaborative tool. The benefits are definitely many!

    Great post!